The Aussie Fight Back – Day 2 at The Gabba

November 22, 2013

What a day – the tension around the ground was incredible. The Aussie batters fought as hard as they could to keep building the score and Cooke and his team knew they had to give it one big push to remove them from the crease. A battle of wills that was tangible. In the end Haddins run out was cruel and of course Broads sixth wicket inevitable and deserved. 292 all out was probably about 80 short of parity if you take it that the slow outfield on Day one probably cost 20 runs. At that stage, with lunch ensuing, England were the far happier team. No doubt about it.

The loss of both Cook and Trott wasn’t great before lunch but it happens when teams are bowling and fielding well. Mitchell Johnson was very fast and very aggressive, exactly what his captain wanted and with the wicket of Trott, boy was he fired up, regularly at about 95 MPH, short and bouncy. England knew they were in a battle from ball one of their innings.Carberry Carberry performed with some degree of authority and the Aussie bowlers gave him everything. When he went for a well made 40 it was the start of the end as it followed Pietersons rather soft dismissal, caught at mid wicket after an intense period of pressure. Carberry however was simply bludgeoned out by Johnson who decided he wasn’t having him at the crease anymore and he came around the wicket and physically attacked him. England were now 87/4 and you could smell the fear from the batters and the power of the crowd and their baying for English blood was palpable.

From here on in until the loss of the last wicket it was sheer aggression and reminded me of the West Indies in the 80’s as they intimidated their opponents. That’s not to say either Bell or Prior were intimidated by Nathan Lyon- that was just pathetic. Both turned the ball of their hip in to the hands of short leg and you could understand Stuart Broad, who was fending off short ball after short ball and battling for his country, thinking why the “f–k” am I having to do this when I got everyone out and these two numpties just give it away to a non turning straight break bowler. If he didn’t think it – I did!!

The tail enders collapsing was understandable, The bowling was hostile, the pitch bouncy and everything went Austraila’s way. It was a series of sessions just like those at Trent Bridge and it may well have been the turning point in this series, although we thought that in England.

Its one of the best days Test Cricket I have ever seen. Never have I felt such aggression and hostility. It was a show of strength and character by the Aussies and they are going to be dam hard to stop now – not just in this match but in this series.

Warner was brilliant at the end of the day and with the ball not turning he will be a real handful tomorrow as our bowlers have not even had a full day off and are undoubtedly going to tire.warner batting He met the English attack with aggression and won that mini battle finishing up 45 not out and still with his opening partner Rogers as the Aussies finished the day undefeated on 65 and a massive 224 ahead with all 10 men in the hutch.

Now is the time for the Dunkirk speeches and more than a little rain dancing if you are British. It needs a collective will of a nation to stop this Aussie tirade. Are we up to it?

You wont get that 2/1 about the Aussies winning the Ashes the layers are now Aussies 4/5 England 5/2

There is a bit of rain forecast for Sunday, 90% chance. If England are to stop the Aussies then they will have to bat for 2 days at sometime. Can they do that? I think not now.

Our draw bet doesn’t look great but yesterdays 4/1 about Mitchell Johnson being top wicket taker copped, he’s just 2/1 to do the same in the second innings as well.

Cant wait now for Day 3 – only test cricket can do this and its just so good to be here at the Gabba. Hope your enjoying it as much as us.