The Betting Agency Horse Racing team celebrate 6 months of huge profits

January 27, 2014

Its now 6 months since we started putting up our free horse racing tips. Since we launched in August last year our racing team have delivered an average of more than 50 units profit every month now for 6 months. As of today our horse racing tips total over 354 units profit. This is from bets advised every day and recorded. Every bet every day at prices that are available when we go live at 10.30am. (see our tipping page for January for proof)

That is an extraordinary result. To put that in to context if you followed our tips for just £100 per unit since we started in August you would now have a profit of £35,000. Do you know that to earn £35,000 after tax you have to have salary of over £50,000. And this is in 6 months – not a full year.

Now we all know that on any given day you can win and of course you can lose and sure that does happen to our team from time to time but this is 6 months of records and figures, not some flash in the pan. In fact this month, January, we are up over 70 units. That’s a £7,000 profit to a £100 stake.

Obviously we don’t know if anyone else is dong as well but from our industry knowledge it doesn’t look like it.

Some ask how we do this and the simple answer is, just knowledge of the industry. No inside information, no bent horses, no industry sources. We have simply studied and worked with the industry for over 20 years and after that long road we have the losses and the wins to know more than most and of course not as much as some.

Its true, we weren’t behind the Barney Curley master gamble last week and we probably never will be but if you want an interest, day in day out and what appears to be a “nice little earner” then follow our team, show the discipline to be a winner and enjoy horse racing as it was intended.

Hurrican flyI will finish this article by suggesting something that all the team seem very excited about after yesterday and that is – Hurricane Fly will win the Champion Hurdle – so get on now at 3-1 with Betvictor

They guys reckon that yesterday, against a well fancied, Our Connor and with the Fly not being 100% in his preparation he showed the resolve of a true champion and he simply refused to be beaten in the Irish Champion. Back him now. how won’t be longer on the 11th March