Superbowl XLVIII – The Big One

January 28, 2014

MayweatherIf Floyd Mayweather is prepared to have £10 million pounds on the Denver Broncos, (yes that’s right £10 mill) then what are we waiting for. Floyd Mayweather doesn’t lose so it’s that simple isn’t it. Not so fast. If we are going to risk the Agency squillions then we need to make sure we know what we were doing – or at least had a theory as to why we did it. My boss says Floyd knows “bugger all” about the NFL and he’s rich, so his view doesn’t count. So here we go.

Denver have arguably the best Quarterback the game has ever seen and Peyton Manning and his brand of hurry-up offence is just amazing. Not giving defences time to settle, getting them tired when they keep drives going and making teams use time-outs when they don’t want to slow the game up has made them almost unbeatable. As a team Denver have 5 players who have scored 10 TD’s or more this year, they have 3 times scored 50+ and 15 times scored 27+. They average 457.3 yards of offense, every game. And there’s another thing, in the playoffs this year they are the second meanest defence against the run.

Now to the Seahawks. Russell Wilson is an exceptional QB who holds the record in the last two season of having won more games than any other QB in the league. He’s good. Marshawn Lynch has now gone 3 straight times over 1000 yards rushing per season. He has 60 yards average carry per game. That’s super strong running and man is he focused for this game. They can catch the ball as well but they haven’t done it a lot in the play-offs.

John FoxHow about the coaching staff? For the Broncos John Fox has really moulded a good unit on both sides of the ball and he knows defence wins games. He hasn’t got a winning record in play-off football but then he has never had the talent that Denver have on the field at his disposal. Pete Carroll, who is a relatively new breed coach is taking all before him and he looks a winner. For me the Seahawks just come out in front on this measure.

Neutral ground in New York? Well both teams have a huge home ground advantage normally so honours even in the big apple. Weather conditions similarly, although bad weather suits Seattle better as they don’t pass the ball as much.

So where do we go with this one.Pete Carroll The bookies make it almost a pick game with the Broncos @ 5/6 and you can have 11/10 the Seahawks. I have been saying since the Conference Finals that Denver will be too strong. However I am changing my mind. Why you ask? Because Seattle just get the job done. I think they have a genius coach, a very efficient, mobile, and inventive QB and the best running back on display. Oh and another really important thing the fastest, toughest and most mobile defence in the league and I think they can hassle Manning.

My bet 4 units win Seattle @ 11/10 Sportingbet