Premier Battle between the Haves and the Haves!!

February 3, 2014

Disappointingly for those of us who love the underdog the Deloittes listing of Footballs rich list shows that the top 6 clubs in the UK are Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham.

Unsurprisingly they fill the top 7 places in the premiership. negredoSo that’s all there is to football. Get plenty of cash, buy all the players that the press conclude are very good, stop them from fighting with each other on the practice pitch by making sure they all have a convertible Bentley and a hot wife, girlfriend or both and then on match days ask them to spread round evenly and do what they do.  Job done, qualified for Europe, win some tin pot trophy or indeed the title. Hire and fire a Manager when you either fall out or think the team aren’t being given enough opportunities to express themselves and that as they say is pretty much all their is to it.

At the foot of the table sits those with their begging bowls looking for a few scraps form the table. How we hanker for the days of Blackburn Rovers winning the title – what’s that you say – Jack Walkers millions go them that title? Oh, sorry, forgot about that.

Given that its only now that the elite league (the top 6) provide us with any real enjoyment in their battle not to drop points after Christmas how long is it before the owners of the clubs start to get together and protect their investments in the same way that the owners of NFL Franchises in America do. When will we agree some wage caps, when will we stop wasting our time playing friendlies for our country – any way I digress.

Tonight’s games should be an intense battle between two very good sides. Tim Sherwood says that Man City are the best team on the planet. High praise indeed. The Chosen One says they are “lucky”. and Manual Pellegrini says very little at all that I can understand.

Having waffled on about money where do we place our hard earned tonight.

I agree with Sherwood. I think they are a class apart and for that reason tonight we side with the men in Pale Blue. City’s home record is fabulous and Chelsea run hot and cold. So lets not get too clever, just back them to win.

My Bet 4 units win Manchester City @ 10/11 with Bet 365