England vs India – 3rd Test – Who gives a Toss?

July 27, 2014

That may sound a little reckless in the heading but the real answer is – we do. In fact if you want to have a bet in this game then you really do need to wait until the toss is made. Its that important.

Ageas bowlThe Ageas Bowl, as nice a ground and setting as it is simply isnt going to produce a pitch that can last 5 days without deteriorating to the detriment of the team batting second. The other problem is that with the dry weather we have an outfield that is like glass and for that reason the team batting first will have the best of all worlds.

Yes the team batting first will have a tricky first 90 minutes but if they can survive that without loss or perhaps just the one wicket then they will be set up to cash in. By the way – that’s how test cricket has been played for 150 years so there is nothing new about that.


So thats how we are going to play this test. Back the team batting first after the toss, to win the match. Ignore the draw, there will be no draw. Or if you have a Betfair or Betdaq account lay the draw big time and cheer on both teams.

Bet 1.  Back England for 4 units @ 13/8 with Skybet – if they win the toss and bat

Bet 2. Back India for 4 units @ 5/2 with Boylesports – if they win the toss and bat

Reverse both bets if either team puts the opposition in – surely they wouldn’t be that stupid!!!

There is one other big priced bet you need to have. Alistair Cook is our beleaguered captain and the debate about if he should stay or go rages on. In my opinion he is not a great Captain but I do think he is a very good batsman and despite the fact he is out of nick currently, no person is trying harder and he hinted in the second innings at Lords to a return to form. So lets get behind him to make some money.

CookOur bet 2 units win Alistair Cook to be Man of the Match @ 14/1 with Skybet – if England win the toss and bat

So – who gives a toss – we do, massively.

Lets enjoy some intense test cricket, just like every test this year. England really are trying very hard and with a bit of luck at the toss they could put it right today.