NFL Play offs – Week Two

January 10, 2015

After getting all four results right last week we are keen to get involved this weekend in the Divisional Finals. All the big guns are in and the best QB’s in the country are all on show. Nonw more so than our first game, where Tom Brady takes on Joe Flacco in what promises to be a cracking game.


Tom BradyGame 1. Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots  09.35pm

Simple game to work out but not a simple answer. Tom Brady has all his weapons available to him tonight and he will need them all for his team to get the better of the Ravens. The Patriots struggle to produce a strong running game and if they did no-one would get near them. However I don’t see them finding that running game tonight against a defense that simply loves offensive lines to challenge them and nearly always comes out on top.

So with no running game I expect lots of quick slant passes as Brady tries to get the ball out of his hands quickly while nicking 4-6 yards a play.joe flacco If the Ravens secondary can stop those successes then it may be that Suggs, Dumervil and Ngata can have their way with the Pats Offensive line and make it a bad day for Tom.

I have no fear of Joe Flacco not performing, I think he might be the best pocket QB in the business now and he may prove it tonight. The first 10 minutes will be crucial. If New England get off to a flyer then it will be tough for the Ravens to play catch up but if they hang in there then the 5/2 on offer will look a huge price. And that’s where we are going with this


Our bet : 4 units win Baltimore Ravens @ 5/2 with Skybet



cam newtonGame 2 Carolina Panthers @ Seatle Seahawks 12.35am

This is a big test for Cam Newton and his firing offense. Last weekend the defense got the offence back on the park to let them and Cam do their job. Will they be so successful against a lightening Seattle offense led by the incredibly quick Russell Wilson. The one thing they have got going for them is that they are a smallish defensive line but a very quick one and that will help. The loss of Star Lotulelei will hurt them and stop both Kuechly and Davis from getting to Wilson.

russell wilson


Newton will find a way to score points but if he cant get on the field often and if his defense are worn down it could be a long day for the Panthers. I think if Lotulelei had played I would have taken a chance with the Panthers but I just cant see how they can score more points than the Seahawks who at home revel in the fact of having a 12th man with their partisan support. I don’t however, expect the Panthers to role over and the 11 point spread seems a little too insulting to the chance of Carolina. So we will take that in the belief that the Seahawks will have to work and will settle for just getting the job done.


Our bet : 4 units Carolina + 11 at Evens with Skybet.