Super 8’s – Rugby League, Game 1

August 6, 2015

The whole concept of the Super 8’s is yet to be proven but what it does mean is that every point counts and for that reason, whilst it’s not knockout rugby league it will be intense and tonight’s game will be no exception.

Wigan Rugby league teamTeams (with the exception of Warrington) have had a mini break with Wigan not having played since the 23rd July and the Giants since the 26th so bodies will be rested and forwards will be looking to run hard at their opposing numbers, which always makes for exciting matches, handling errors and quick breaks through “bloodied holes”.

There is a massive need to play the ball quickly and dominate both the tackle zone and the advantage line. Attacks trying to get up and play the ball ultra fast and defences trying to stop that happening while their line gets in place. For this reason, sadly, referees will have a big say. My hope is they police the play of the ball sternly at the start of the game and then let it flow. If that’s the case then we are in for a cracker.

Don't let us down Baloo!!

Don’t let us down Baloo!!

If the Giants can get that quick play and create space for Brough then his kicking game could create havoc and with a lead their coach Paul Anderson is very good at closing down the game. Brough is the best in Super League when he has time to kick and scheme. The thing is the Warriors know this and they will do everything they can to get to him.

I see the explosive stuff coming from the Giants and the attritionnal stuff coming from Wigan. In the end class may tell out and Wigan could well overhaul the Giants but not by much and for that reason we will take the generous 8 points on offer.


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