Super 8’s St Helens v Huddersfield

August 20, 2015

These games just get better and better. The super 8 format suggest that another St Helens loss, they have lost their opening two games, could see them start to drift out of contention, whereas a win for the Giants might see them fend of the rampant charge of Castlefield and allow them some breathing space in the top 4. I keep talking about intensity of battle and that’s what tonight’s game is. A real humdinger

keiron cunninghamI expect to see a far more focused St Helens at home and all Keiran Cunningham’s words seem calm and as though this was just a blip and that they are some much better than this, which may well be true. Problem is whilst they have beaten the Giants twice this year the combined winning margin is just 4 points. The latest win at home was an 80th minute drop goal from Luke Walsh, and that was when they were playing well!!!. How much can they put things right in a week and can they raise their game again form earlier in the season as the Giants undoubtedly have.

Like so many of these battles the game is won up front and there is no denying that Alex Walmsley, Masii Masoe, Kyle Amor and Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook are formidable and earlier in the year they ploughed through defensive lines. Latterly, whether they are tiring or teams have worked them out, they seem less effective and the front four for the Giants are no slouches physically with a more an appropriate match up through Crabtree, Huby, Kopczak and Smith. Both sets of forwards love to off load in a tackle and they need to create space for play makers.

I dont know how often the ball will get wide but both teams have incredible finishers on the wings and St Helens will be delighted to see the return of Tommy Makinson.  It wont be wide that determines the game though, the forward battle will dictate who wins and I have a sneaking suspicion that war might be won by the Giants and that Danny Brough and Luke Robinson may well get more pickings than Roby and

Don't let us down Baloo!!

Don’t let us down Baloo!!

Walsh and that this might just be the difference in a game where kicking will prove to be vital.

I want to be with the Giants tonight as they are too big a price at 7/4 my one concern is that there is something of a perpetual loser about their coach Paul Anderson and he needs to get rid of that “victim” look that he so often carries around. So advisedly we will be backing the Giants. I’m not interested in the four points on offer. lets back them to win.


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