Super Rugby League – The Super 8’s

August 10, 2018

Four games kick off the 1st round of the Super 8’s and this excites us far less than the qualifiers. Why? becuase the teams keep their points and even then where you finish from 1-4 doesnty really matter that match with not many coming from below 5 over the last few years anyway. Taht aside everyone wants to win and tonights 4 games are at least interesting.


Hull vs Wakefield Trinity

You would imagine even away from home that the Wildcats might be too strong for Hull after their last meeting and Hull, who have realy had an indifferent season and conceded 72 points to Wakefield when they last met. However Hull have won 5 of their last 6 encounters and when they get it right they are a handfull for anyone. I think they just might be over priced in this game and need to be backed.

6 units win @ 4/6 with William Hill


St Helens vs Huddersfield Giants

It’s probable that St helens will win the league but they dont have to do too much tonight, except win and they just might find the new Giants team (dont know which one they sent out before June but it was a rubbish one) just may be the more highly motivated. It would surprise me if the Saints let it slip because they are focused but the Giants had a week off and there is often a post Challenge Cup semi final hangover. Lets see.

4 units win Huddersfield +10.5 with William Hill


Warrington vs Catalan

Both teams will fight out the Challenge Cup final and this seems a strange dress rehearsal but it is equally important that both perform well in the play offs so they should be at it form the start. Who gave more to win last weekend? My guess is that the Wolves will have more in the tank and the revitalised Dragons might not have the guns to win. However they are not a 12 point worse team and we need to take that handicap.

Catalan +12,  4 units @ 11/10 with William Hill


Wigan vs Castleford

The Tigers have been awful this year. Painful to watch at times, as their defence, something they prided themselves on last year, has just melted, week after week. But there appears to be a turning of the tide and the once DW Stadium fortress looks less foreboding to visitors as Wigan dont seem to be able to stop people scoring either. It’s the televised game and we will take the Tigers to do a Leeds of old and come good in the play offs.

4 units win Castleford at 9/5 with William Hill