Rugby League ripper – England v NZ

November 2, 2018

Ok, some might think that England crept over the line at the K Comm last week and I get that. New Zeland looked threatening the whole time and their talented halfs are very quick and creative but they didnt get the job done and much of that was because England were quick. Their line speed was good and their intent was fabulous. I dont expect anything different this week from Wayne Bennetts men. If they are to win they have to want it as much as last week and they have to play error free rugby, complete their sets and control the ball. Pretty basic I hear you say – yes. My day used to say in the big games its not often the spark of brilliance but the lack of mistakes that wins. How true those words are.

Make no mistake New Zealand will be hell bent on revenge and very fired up after their loss but what more can they bring that we havent seen? Thye get rattled when under pressure, argue with referees and get very chippy. We just have to get them in that uncomfortable place and the longer we stay in the game the chippier they get.

James Graham’s appointment as Captain, whilst forced because of Sean Oloughlins injury, is a very good one and his fellow Burgess brothers forwards will be right behind him to ensure there are no easy metres available to the men in black. Adam Milner coming in is a boost as well, he is a very talented forward and has a huge engine and he is great for runners in behind because he always makes yards after contact.

It wont be a cakewalk, none of these top tests is but I do think England are undervalued by the layers and for that reason you need to get behind your country and make sure at Anfield they dont “Walk Alone”, we are all in this together.

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